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Home Security Alert: Protect Your Property from Tech-Savvy Burglars


In light of recent incidents, homeowners need to be aware of a potential vulnerability in their home security systems that could be exploited by burglars. Modern home security systems, including burglar alarms and doorbell cameras, often rely on a Wi-Fi signal for connectivity. However, tech-savvy burglars have been using jamming devices to disrupt this signal, effectively disconnecting the security system from the network.

These burglars, equipped with jamming devices, have been able to break into homes through various entry points, such as second-story balconies. Once inside, they ransack bedrooms, targeting valuable items like jewelry, purses, and money. It’s a coordinated effort, with some burglars having a getaway driver waiting nearby as a lookout.

To protect your home from such intrusions, consider implementing the following security measures:

  1. Shift from wireless to wired: To mitigate the risk of Wi-Fi jamming, consider hard-wiring your burglary alarm system to your router using cables. This eliminates the need for devices to communicate over Wi-Fi, making them less susceptible to interference.
  2. Use electronic trackers: Invest in tracking devices like Apple AirTags for valuable items. These tags can be discreetly placed inside objects and tracked via smartphone, helping you locate them if stolen.
  3. Secure your circuit breakers: Install padlocks on electrical circuit boxes to prevent unauthorized access, deterring burglars from tampering with the alarm system.
  4. Reinforce entry points: Place metal bars on sliding doors to prevent them from being forced open, and install motion sensor lighting to deter intruders when you’re away from home.
  5. Keep travel plans private: Avoid sharing vacation plans with strangers, including ride-sharing drivers and on social media. This reduces the risk of your home being targeted while you’re away.
  6. Stay vigilant: Keep an eye out for suspicious vehicles in your neighborhood, especially those with temporary or dealer license plates. Stay connected with neighbors to share information and watch out for each other’s properties.

If you have any information about residential burglaries or suspect criminal activity in your area, report it to local authorities immediately. Remember, your safety is paramount, so avoid confronting suspected burglars and leave it to the professionals.

By taking proactive steps to enhance your home security and staying informed about potential threats, you can better protect your property and loved ones from harm.

For more tips on home security or to explore customized security solutions for your property, contact Regions Security Services today.

Stay safe and secure.

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